The Most Joyful Destinations of 2017

The Most Joyful Destinations of 2017

Happy places make for happy stays. According to “The Joy Index,” these are the top five happiest travel destinations for 2017.

1. Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
A perennial front-runner in world happiness rankings, diversity and the grandeur of its natural landscapes, including the remote cliffs and fjords of Newfoundland and Labrador, are what set Canada apart to visitors.

2. Shanghai, China
The city of 24 million is a mashup of formal and informal, modern and historic with visible signs of China’s history of tectonic change.

3. Aarhus, Denmark
The European Union’s 2017 Capital of Culture, Aarhus is an architectural marvel and culinary hotbed with a cluster of talented, young chefs.

4. Madagascar
Often described as the eighth continent, Madagascar is an unspoiled melting pot of cultures featuring deserts, baobabs, rainforests and 3,000 miles of turquoise coastlines.

5. Big Island, Hawaii
Big Island’s sheer capacity for wild, natural wonder is the result of geological events that are still underway; Hawaii grows every year as lava from the Kilauea volcano cools in the sea.

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