The Great Wild West Has Been Capturing The Hearts and Imagination of Many Vacationers For Centuries.

The region is an Iconic piece of American history covering what are now the Midwest, Great Plains, Rocky Mountains, Southwest, and the West Coast terrains. The history of America’s expansion has been fabricated into classic tales of exploration, survival, settlement, romance, and merging of culture that has generated a genre all its own. The Wild West is a timeless milestone, a destination sought out by tourists seeking to explore a land that is rich in heritage.

1The Grand Canyon Railroad

Grand Canyon Railway Vacation | Jaunt Magazine

The historic Grand Canyon Railway offers a scenic excursion for passengers to travel along a route from Williams, Arizona to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon National Park. The trip is 64 miles long offering different unique experiences that blend adventure, history, culture, and holiday specials. Upon arriving at the Grand Canyon guests have an opportunity to lodge at the Grand Canyon Railway Hotel featuring 298 refurbished rooms, a saline spa, and the Grand Depot Cafe buffet restaurant. The Grand Canyon Railroad is the perfect weekend retreat for those with a pioneer spirit!



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